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Completed Special Projects

The 1822 Bernardo Plantation, the first and largest cotton plantation in the Republic of Texas, was the home of Jared E. Groce, one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred settlers. Learn how THC uncovered the plantation after 175 years.

Shocked by the December 7, 1941, Empire of Japan attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii that propelled the United States into World War II, one government response to the war was the incarceration of thousands of Japanese, German, and Italian Americans at Department of Justice Enemy Alien confinement camps.  Learn more.

The discovery, excavation, and conservation of La Belle was funded by private donations to the Friends of the Texas Historical Commission. Entombed for more than 300 years, the discovery and excavation of the ship riveted the world’s attention on Texas. The remains of the last ship in La Salle’s ill-fated convoy to the New World became one of the most important archeological projects in North America.

The last land battle of the Civil War was fought a Palmitto Ranch. Since 2007, the THC has been hard at work researching Palmito Ranch Battlefield National Historic Landmark.

In the summer of 1874, U.S. military foruces launched a major campaign, fought mainly in the Texas Panhandle, against the Southern Plains Indians. Today this campaign is known as the Red River War.

When World War II ended in September 1945, the United States and the Soviet Union—former allies in the defeat of Nazi Germany had already begun to see fractures in their once-mutual support of one another. Competing views of post-war Europe and other regions around the world quickly set the former allies down a decades-long period of mutual distrust. As a result, an unofficial but nonetheless all-too-real ‘state of war’ developed between the two emerging superpowers. This would become known as the Cold War.

The World War II inititavtive was begun in 2005 was a multi-year statewide effort to honor the role of Texas during the Second World War.